Virginia Landscaping Designs

Virginia Landscaping Designs – 5 designs

Colonial Garden Designs:

  • Imagine a neatly arranged garden with brick pathways forming geometric patterns. Boxwood hedges outline garden beds filled with colorful flowers and aromatic herbs. Add wrought iron fences and a wooden arbor to frame the garden, and will give it a classic, historical colonial design & feel.
Colonial Garden Designs

Native Plant Garden:

  • Virginia native plant gardens feature a garden that feels natural and blends seamlessly into the surrounding landscape. Wildflowers in blues, reds, and yellows attract butterflies and bees. Adding Stone pathways to wind them through the garden, leading to a rain garden and a birdbath can make stunning designs.
Virginia native plant gardens

Formal Garden Design:

  • Formal garden design & manicured gardens: Envision a meticulously maintained garden with straight lines and symmetrical patterns. Boxwood and yew hedges are trimmed into precise shapes, and a central fountain provides a focal point. Roses and hydrangeas can add color, while classical statues and pergolas enhance the formal atmosphere.
Formal Garden Designs

Cottage Garden Design:

  • Cottage garden design or English cottage gardens – Think of a charming, slightly overgrown garden filled with a mix of flowers and vegetables. Peonies, foxgloves, and zinnias bloom in abundance while having climbing plants covering rustic trellises. Finish it off with a quaint wooden fence and whimsical ornaments added to bring the garden’s storybook charm.
Cottage Garden Designs

Woodland Garden Design:

  • Woodland garden designs: Imagine a serene, forest-like garden with dappled sunlight filtering through the trees. Ferns and hostas thrive in the shade, while azaleas and rhododendrons provide bursts of color. Add Mulch paths meander through the garden, leading to secluded benches and stone steps as a special touch.
Woodland garden designs

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