Pergolas – Create Your Oasis

Homeowners going distraught over DIY pergolas – 5 fave’s you can consider.

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Look at these simple pergola ideas… homeowners who are DIY achievers GO for it!   If you are not, NO worries call the “Pros” Landscape Pros in Manassas, VA, to design and install your custom pergola that will not break the bank. We guarantee our work and pergolas aren’t as dubious as they look.

We’re Pros in Landscaping Design & Services

Pergola thoughts in Virginia are all over Instagram this mid-year and truly, we can’t get enough ourselves!  Landscape Pros believe it’s got something to do with the way we all are going through each day, consistently longing for being on vacation, some place warm, some place care free,  and some place ultimately under a beautiful pergola with a mixed drink close by.  We are experts in “Pergolas” and can make your dreams come true.

Our Apologies, as we got somewhat diverted there for a minute… Pergolas are something you can absolutely have in your backyard oasis and these favorite new looks demonstrate exactly how easy it is weather you DIY or have our skilled team at Landscape Pros do it for you!  We make dreams come true everyday for our valued customers and know that a couple of pieces of wood carefully designed and built can completely change your backyard looks with a beautiful new pergola.  Our professional builders will help you build that much-needed pergola structure in your backyard to give you shade, cover your hot tub, or simply define an outdoor space into something special for your family and friends.

Our advice is to not be distraught any longer this summer and make the decision to build your backyard oasis.  Pergolas come in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and sizes.  Here are a few ideas that Landscape Pros can install for you or DIY. 

  1. Make an Outside Eating Area – Simple Pergola

Ooooh, look how adorable this orange air carpet and table are. They both work so well with a picture-perfect blue sky!  This simple pergola is an incredible backyard point of convergence to concentrate all your entertaining mingling enjoyment, add a picnic table underneath, string up some pixie lights, a chiminea and there you have the ideal outside feasting space.

2. Assemble a Couch Under the Pergola


Generally, pergolas do not have rooftops, yet you can add one without much effort or cost.  You can use galvanized metal roofing, plastic panels or copper roofing to create a dazzling impact and cover.  Spruce up your pergola further with delicate goods underneath and don’t stress over bringing everything inside during the lightest sprinkle starts.

3. Paint or Stain Your Pergola


Odds are whether you purchase a full-fledged pergola or a DIY pergola, your unit it will normally be incomplete uncovered wood. The choice is yours; you can leave it bare as is, or better yet stain / paint it to suit your style and create a stunning rich look.  Here this pergola is painted dark to make it even more a dramatic element in this oasis.  We can likewise envision white would look extremely cool and include an exceptionally Mediterranean vibe.

4. Make an Open Air Front Room Under Your Pergola


Love the boho feel of this open air set up; the layers of surface and unbiased shading palette look pretty cool. This idea is an extremely simple way to reproduce yourself, spring up your pergola with colorful paint, and to make your open-air family room. Floor coverings, pads, pillow tosses and delicate lighting are vital to this unique look, so ensure you incorporate bounty.

5. GO for an Unobtrusive Look with Normal Materials


This cost-effective DIY pergola truly mixes into the relaxing area with a rooftop made with regular materials. Simply buy reed screening from DIY big box stores like Home Depot and secure them in the middle of the light emissions pergola structure.  Pretty Neat!