Landscaping Tips

Fall Landscaping Tips

Fall Landscaping Tips

In November, the Mid-Atlantic States like Virginia can see both moderate temperatures and some cool weather. One of the easiest landscaping tips to remember is to take full advantage of these moderate days. Your garden and Landscape will appreciate the attention.

landscaping tips
Landscaping Tips

However, it depends on how much excitement or pleasure you have when it comes to November gardening and landscaping tips. That, really comes down to who you are and where you may live.

For many Northerners some are saddled with a lot of chores that they do not much care for especially in cooler days of November. Northerners also tend to treat November as a time to evaluate their garden layout. After the cold weather lays everything cold and bare, you can clearly see the architecture or “bones” of your garden. This is a great time to critique your garden success with a mental note, so that, next year, you can maybe plan to add a hardscape or evergreen shrubs to help improve the architecture of your garden.

On the other hand, Southerners find delight in the cooler days and slower pace of fall vegetable gardening.

It doesn’t really matter what region or state you live in. Even if your garden is already threatened by snow, it is important to get out there and take care of business with your garden or landscape. The growing season isn’t over until the ground freezes.

Everyone should remember to perform these November garden tasks according to region, whether it be to plant something, to just to tidy things up, or to begin to decorate for the upcoming holidays.

You will be glad you did come spring!

Simple Landscaping Tips:

garden tools
Garden Tools
  • Bring in garden tools for the winter. Clean, sharpen, and oil them first.
  • Rake leaves off the lawn to use in making leaf mold, mulch, or compost. If you want to enjoy your yard during the fall, it needs to be clear of debris. Take the time to clear the leaves from your garden and landscape.
  • Don’t Stop Mowing.
  • Take Care of Bare Spots.
Planting Spring Bulbs
  • Keep removing weeds. It is easier to see them now that the garden plants have died back. Now is a great time to get rid of some perennial weeds such as field horsetail.
  • Remember to keep watering until the ground freezes (after which point water is blocked from getting down to your plants’ roots).
  • Pay particular attention to those trees and shrubs you just put in the ground this fall.
  • In Zone 7 and Virginia, plant spring bulbs.
Adding Organic Matter
  • Add more organic matter to flower borders and your garden beds. Turn and amend the soil now, maybe even lay out next years rows, so you can save a lot of time come March when that first group of sunny days begins, and after the ground has thawed and you start getting gardening fever and want to get something in the ground after a long winter. 
  • Cover your compost pile so that the rain does not leach out its nutrients.
  • Be sure to drain and store your watering hoses before the real freezing temperatures arrive in winter months!
landscaping tips
Drain Garden Hoses

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