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Are you looking for creative landscape design ideas and pro tips for your outdoor living spaces? If so, browse Landscape Pros landscape designs and tips — all of which offer plenty of inspirational and educational material.

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Our designs are packed with details on what homeowners need to know about selecting and caring for their outdoor greenery as well as gardening  & landscaping structures. We have all kinds of various tips on how you can make the most of your backyard spaces based on its layout.

At Landscape Pros in Gainesville, VA we can teach you sustainable—but still inexpensive—landscaping care & techniques. So, whether you’re interested in features like outdoor patios, backyard ponds or seasonal landscaping displays, you’ll find we have answers to align with all your landscaping needs.

Here are five landscaping enhancements you might want to consider for your own home.

1) Installing LED Landscape Lighting

Do you have outdoor walkways that become hard to safely navigate when the sun goes down? Or something more problematic, like outdoor steps that become a tripping hazard in the evening?

Installing LED lights can help illuminate these otherwise dim areas and provide peace of mind to you and your guests. At the same time, this low-maintenance lighting option can enhance the features of your home and create a sophisticated outdoor living space ambiance.

2) Planting Shrubs or Flowers

It’s not uncommon to have many pockets of your outdoor living spaces that are unused and empty. While this can be a problem due to your busy schedules, it can also be due to challenging terrains, rocky ground or even a steep slope.

Incorporating native plants into these areas of your landscape can offer the best of both worlds. Using colors and textures of the flowers and shrubs can transform the un-used space into a vibrant and inviting area, while helping to support local wildlife and stabilize the landscaping soil.

3) Installing Water Features

Some homeowners want to make their backyards an entertainment living hub; others are more invested in the idea of creating a tranquil outdoors retreat where they can relax and unwind. One of the easiest ways to achieve the this effect is through the addition of water features.

Whether you opt for a stand-alone fountain or a waterfall that funnels into a pond, you can enjoy the outdoor water features to help mask backyard noise and even attract wildlife to your landscaped property.

4) Pruning Trees & Shrubs

When trees and shrubs become unruly, your landscape can inevitably wind up looking a busy mess. But these problems can run much deeper than what meets the eye. Overcrowded landscape growth limits access to sunlight that supports healthy growth and also makes your plantings more susceptible to fungal growth and insect infestations.

To this end problem, pruning a hard job is best left for the late fall-time to reduce stress on plants and is important from both an aesthetic and safety standpoint. On one hand, it helps ensure plants can grow in a visually appealing manner and stimulates flowering and fruit production. Pruning can also make plants more structurally sound and less susceptible to the impact of storms or high winds.

5) Hardscape Installation
Landscape Pros

Let’s say you’ve already installed a paver patio in your backyard. You even have added lounge furniture to the outdoor area, but you’re looking for a more permanent centerpiece to the living space. One solution is that you can add a firepit in the middle of the patio, using the same paver materials to construct the firepit and easily complement your existing space.

This is just one example of smaller-scale hardscape installations you can consider. Other ideas could include adding a seating wall around your patio for permanent seating or a small grill station to conveniently prepare meals outdoors with neighbors.

Whatever landscape enhancement seems like the right fit for your outdoor space our team at Landscape Pros @ (571) 535-8622 is ready to help you. All you have to do is request a free consultation and we’ll get your next project on the schedule fast for completion. like-us-facebook