How to Thrive as a Digital Nomad and Pet Owner

How to Thrive as a Digital Nomad and Pet Owner

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How to Thrive as a Digital Nomad and Pet Owner

Now is the time if you’re thinking about pursuing your dreams as a digital nomad. There are more remote work opportunities than ever before, and you can do a range of jobs with minimal tools and equipment.

But can you be a digital nomad if you own a pet? Absolutely — now is the time for that as well! You can improve your outdoor living workspaces and position yourself for a new fulfilling career and life with Fido in tow by following these practical tips from Landscape Pros.

Keep Health a Priority 

Digital nomadism is less rigid than a traditional 9-to-5 career by nature. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t require you to establish a structure for your daily life and goals. Actually, it’s particularly important to find a routine you can rely on; otherwise, you will always struggle to stay productive and keep your stress in check.

Yes, you need to develop a daily schedule that optimizes your most productive hours. But you also must create a self-care routine that keeps you physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. Make sure you’re eating foods that provide your body with the nutrition it needs and exercising at least five days a week. Set a strict bedtime for yourself and implement de-stressing activities for falling asleep. Working with Landscape Pros to create and design a beautiful and relaxing outdoor workspace can also boost your well-being and work productivity!

Outdoor Workspaces

Further, consider taking steps you should take to help keep your pet healthy. It’s important for pets to get regular checkups at the vet, and you want to ensure you give them flea and tick prevention and any medications they need to thrive. If you travel to different states often, be sure to research reputable vets in the area here visiting. And look at purchasing pet insurance in your home state, research provider reputations, coverage, nationwide coverage, and other factors before choosing a plan. Do whatever it takes, and let’s keep your pets healthy!

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Invest in Top-Quality Pet Products

It’s better to have a few top-tier products than a bunch of things that you don’t need or will wear out in a few months. Invest in only the best products for your pet. Consult product sites that offer veterinarian reviews on pet backpacks, harnesses, leashes, soft crates, and other items. And leave room in your budget to get your pet what they need to stay happy and safe daily.

Strategize Your Travel

Traveling is the name of the game when it comes to digital nomadism. And you want to ensure you do it the right way. For instance, plan accordingly if you must travel by plane for a project, meeting, or other events. You may need to bring along a health certificate for your pet, and you’ll definitely need to bring recent medical and vaccination.

For road trips, remember not to feed your furry friend in the few hours leading up to the trip, and pack lots of water, food, medication, and toys to keep him busy. To ensure they have a good pet restraint or kennel to keep them secure in the car.

Keep a Budget (and Job)

It’s important to carve out time to create a realistic budget that allows you to live well without compromising your financial future. Look for ways to save on expenses, such as ditching your cable subscription, learning to meal prep, and trying equipment-free HIIT workouts.

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Of course, you’ll need to keep your job as well! If you don’t already have a digital nomad profession to work from home, consider these ideas:

  • Freelance writing
  • Web development
  • Business consulting
  • Personal assistant services
  • Graphic design
  • Photography
  • Data entry

Moreover, scour the market for any digital technologies that can help you work productively and efficiently. You might be surprised at how the right tools can make your life easier and advance your career.

Being a digital nomad and a pet owner might be more practical than you think. Remember to develop a reliable self-care plan, and research pet insurance policies and pet products that can keep your companion healthy and thriving. And diligently plan your travels while taking the necessary steps to effectively manage your money and career.

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