Elevate Your Landscape with Outdoor kitchen and custom fire pit. Landscape Pros - Gainesville, VA

Elevate Your Landscape

Elevate Your Landscape with Outdoor kitchen and fire pits

Elevate Your Landscape | Landscape Pros Outdoor Living Spaces and Modern Designs in Gainesville, VA and it’s surrounding area get outstanding “landscaping design” and “outdoor living spaces” from Landscape Pros’ experts.

Our new location in Gainesville, VA brings our professional team focused on our customers needs for turn-key landscaping design services and outdoor living spaces.

Gainesville, VA and its surrounding area has our landscaping experts now focused on delivering outstanding landscaping design services like:

  1. Luxurious Outdoor Living Spaces with Drought-Resistant Appeal:
  • Choosing drought tolerant plants for your Northern Virginia home is a great option as these plant choices will look and perform well even when virginia weather conditions are less than ideal.
  • Our landscaping services will help you minimize your water waste consumption on your property.
  • Your planting choices also will happen to be low maintenance plants that don’t require a ton of extra personal care and attention.
  • Listed are eight (8) drought resistent plants for your home landscapes:
    • 1. Arborvitae – The Arborvitae is one of the most commonly thought of plants when it comes to privacy screening. Its ability to grow tall and dense makes it a great addition if you’re looking to create some seclusion.
    • 2. Nandina – Nandina, or “Heavenly Bamboo,” is an evergreen or semi-evergreen broadleaf shrub that is known for its drought tolerance ans hardiness. It is characterized by clusters of bright red berries and the shrub is tough, durable, and can grow from 2 to 4 feet tall. Once it is established, it will require very little care as a low maintenance plant.
    • 3. Liriope – A drought-tolerant Liriope can make an excellent ground cover thanks to its quick-spreading growing nature. Also known as Monkey grass, the Liriope is a member of a group of flowering grasses that is very forgiving and can tolerate dry conditions.
    • 4. Purple Coneflower – or “Echinacea,” is a herbaceous perennial that has smooth stems and long-lasting lavender flowers. This drought resistant plant also happens to be an excellent pollinator, is loved by butterflies, birds, and bees, ans happens to be naturally deer resistant which is an added bonus in our Virginia region.
    • 5. Beautybush – Is an easy-to-grow shrub that will add appeal to your Northern Virginia landscapes with its fountain-like spray of pink blooms. In terms of sun preference, the Beautybush grows best in full sun or partial shade and is a overall hardy choice for landscapes and known for being drought tolerant shrub.
    • 6. Boxwood – a great performer shrub requiring not a tremendous amount of care. The Boxwood is shade tolerant, drought resistant, and provides year-round greenery. This shrub is appreciated for its hardiness, is compact and often used in front yard landscape designs.
    • 7. Gracillimus – the Gracillimus maiden grass, is one of top choices for ornamental grasses, and are also great drought tolerant plants. Customers like the Gracillimus species for its ability to grow tall while remaining compact in nature and has a beautiful fountain-like appearance as it reaches maturity.
    • 8. Hosta – The hosta plant is a perennial favorite, valued for their lush foliage and their simple care. Hostas’s ar considered a shade-tolerant plant, and once established, will not a lot of watering to perform well.
Arborvitae, Nandina, Liriope, Purple Coneflower
Beautybush						Boxwood
Gracillimus						Hosta

2. Sleek Outdoor Kitchens: A Culinary Oasis in Your Backyard:

Working with a professional landscaper like “Landscape Pros” in Gainesville, Virginia can make a real difference. Whether you need property maintenance such as tree pruning and fertilizing or a complete design and installation for your new outdoor kitchen design and living space we can Elevate Your Landscape. It’s essential that you work with a company that is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of expertise and knowledge of designing “landscaping features” so that you know that the job is done right and that it will look beautiful year round, for years to come.

At Landscape Pros, we are committed to maintaining our high stands of knowledge, training, design and service so that you know that your property is in the right hands. Call the Pros today @ 571.535.8622 for more information about our outdoor living design services and how we can design and build your new outdoor kitchen and living spaces of your dreams. We promise to deliver the outdoor spaces to take your culinary experttise to the next level with modern landscaping design of your wildest dreams.

3. Fire Pits Design: Hardscapes Adding Warmth and Style to your outdoor spaces.

As a professional hardscaping service design company, Landscape Pros takes great pride in designing beautiful exteriors that we have provided to business owners and families alike, designing and building hardscape designs and outdoor living spaces that are a true reflection of their style and image.

Our talented team can design and build whatever Fire Pit installation you are looking for and provide you with a “modern fire pit” look that meets and exceeds your expectations of today’s trends for breathtaking fire feature installations. Contact Landscape Pros in Gainesville, VA today @ 571.535.8622 to set up a free consultation. Give Us a thumbs and tell us what you like on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

We know you are looking for a reliable company that will keep your property well maintained year-round or a professional to design and create a whole new look for the exterior of your home. Landscape Pros in Gainesville, VA can meet and exceed all of your expectations with a new outdoor space that will be a point of pride for years to come.