plants trees & shrubs

Plants Trees & Shrubs

Plants Trees & Shrubs

Plants Trees & Shrubs for Your Virginia Garden

Virginia is often referred to as “down where the south begins” due to its southern position in the mid-Atlantic states.  Virginia is a historic state, rich in history, tradition, and has a strong legacy of all its agriculture. The Blue Ridge Mountains and the Chesapeake Bay have a large impact upon Virginia’s gardening conditions, that create both positive attributes and interesting challenges for those who call it home.  No matter where you live in Virginia however, in a city apartment, town home, or residential home, Landscape Pros in Gainesville & Manassas, VA has over 30 years of experience in providing full service landscape design and landscaping services to fit your gardening needs.

Choosing Trees for Your Virginia Home

The Flowering Dogwood is the state tree of Virginia and is a number one choice of exceptional trees available to choose from for your home’s landscape in the “Old Dominion” state. Another popular choice of Virginians is the Purple Crepe Myrtle, with its prolific purple blooms that will last all summer long is a great choice.  However, the Royal Empress often appeals to those who want a large tree that rises over 50 feet above the landscape and has earned the title as the world’s fastest growing tree.  Whatever your choice of tree for your home, be it a Virginian favorite like the Weeping Redbud or Autumn Blaze Maple, Landscape Pros landscaping team can help you select and plant whatever meets your needs.

Here are a few best-selling trees, shrubs, and bushes we have recommended to our loyal customers in the past three (3) years.  If you don’t see your favorite plants trees & shrubs shown below…NO problem Landscape Pros can and will locate it and help you plant it properly. We’re the #1 Experts in Everything Landscaping!


Royal Empress Tree
Mimosa Tree
Autumn Blaze Maple
Purple Crape Myrtle
Autumn Blooming Cherry
Kwanzan Flowering Cherry
Eastern Red Cedar Tree
Austrian Pine
Degroot’s Spire Arborvitae
Blue Italian Cypress
Deodar Cedar Tree

Landscape Shrub Roses

Apricot Drift® Rose
Blushing Knock Out® Rose
Chuckles Rose
Pink Double Knock Out® Rose Shrub
Popcorn Drift® Rose

Flowering Shrubs

Abelia Kaleidoscope
Adam’s Needle Yucca
Annabelle Hydrangea
Amur North River Privet
Anthony Waterer Spirea
Arthur J. Simmonds Bluebeard
Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry
Burgundy Wine Nandina


Nellie Stevens Holly
BiColor Butterfly Bush
Common Purple Lilac
Pink Flowering Almond
Cool Splash® Bush Honeysuckle
Chicago Fire® Burning Bush
Compacta Burning Bush
Fire Ball® Burning Bush
Pipsqueak® Burning Bush

plants trees & shrubs