Bulb Names

blub names


Whether you are filling a gap in a mixed-perennial flower border, planning a new bulb garden or looking for the perfect cutting flowers to grow, let Landscape Pros help you decide what you need for a picture perfect flowering landscape. It is easy as 1, 2, 3 and our expert growing team can save you a lot of time. Do you know the bulb names or can you identify them by a photo of your favorite flowers? No, if not… No worries. We have worked with lots of bulbs from many suppliers and have their names if you don’t. Call the “Pros” today @ (571) 535-8622 as we have over 30 years experience in landscape design and landscaping services.


Aïsha Roselily
Alabama Jubilee Daylily
Alaska Shasta Daisy
Alida Dwarf Iris
All Things to All Men Reblooming Daylily
Alpine Journey Bearded Iris
Alpine Rosy Bells
Altruist Daffodil
American Classic Tall Bearded Iris
Angelique Tulip
Anouska Roselily
Apeldoorn’s Elite Tulip
Apple Blossom™ Tulip Mixture
Apricona Tulip
Apricot Sparkles Daylily
Arabian Starflower
Asclepias Mixture
Asiatic Lily Mixture Super Sak®
Astilbe Mixture Super Sak®
Attraction Daffodil
Augustine Reblooming Bearded Iris
Autumn Jewel Collection
Avant Garde Tulip
Azure Allium
Azure Snow Salvia
Backpacker Tulip
Bad Intentions Dwarf Bearded Iris
Band of Fire Reblooming Daylily
Banja Luka Tulip
Bantam Daffodil
Bartzella Itoh Peony
Beau Regard Allium
Beauty Dutch Iris Mixture
Beautytrend Tulip

Before the Storm Bearded Iris
Bella Blush Tulip
Best Bet Reblooming Tall Bearded Iris
Beverly Sills Tall Bearded Reblooming Iris
Bewilderbeast Tall Bearded Iris
Big Impact™ Allium Mixture
Big Smile Tulip
Black Ambrosia Reblooming Daylily
Black Beauty Peony
Black is Black Bearded Iris
Black Parrot Tulip
Black Wizard™ Lily
Blue Angel Hosta
Blue Daisy Anemone
Blue Diamond Dutch Iris
Blue Grape Hyacinth Super Sak®
Blue Heron Tulip
Blue Jacket Fragrant Giant Hyacinth
Blue Melody Camassia
Blue Pearl Sedum
Blue Spike Grape Hyacinth
Blue Suede Shoes Reblooming Bearded Iris
Blushing Apeldoorn Tulip
Boaz Daffodil
Born to Run Reblooming Daylily
Bountiful Blooms Multi-Flowering Tulip
Bowl of Beauty Peony
Breck’s® Colossal™ Daffodil
Breck’s® Food for Bulbs and Perennials
Breck’s® Reblooming Iris Collection
Breck’s® Wild Lactiflora Peony
Breeder’s Choice Reblooming Tall Bearded Iris Mix
Bright Sunset Daylily
Brilliant Idea Bearded Iris
Brisbane Tulip
Bronze Charm Tulip
Brouhaha Reblooming Daylily
Bubble Bubble Bearded Iris

Bull’s Eye Tulip
Byzantinus Gladiolus
Calgary Flames Tulip
Candy Apple Delight Tulip
Candy Stripe Peony
Cantina Reblooming Bearded Iris
Carefree Allium Collection
Carnaval de Nice Tulip
Carnegie Fragrant Giant Hyacinth
Carnival of Color Bearded Iris
Carpet Border Lily™ Mixture
Catherine Woodbery Daylily
Cat’s Eye Dwarf Bearded Iris
Cavoli Border Lily™
Celebration Song Bearded Iris
Celebrity Peony
Celilo Dwarf Bearded Iris
Center Ice Bearded Iris
Champagne Elegance Reblooming Bearded Iris
Cherry Blossom Tulip Mixture
Cherry Hill Peony
Chiffon Parfait Peony
China Town Tulip
Chinook Winds Bearded Iris
Class Act Peony
Class Ring Bearded Iris
Cloud Dweller Bearded Iris
Code Red Bearded Iris
Coldplay Tulip
Collage Reblooming Daylily
Collier Reblooming Daylily
Colonel Owen Cousins Peony
Colour Fusion Tulip
Colour Magic™ Tulip Mixture
Continental Tulip
Cool Shades Dutch Iris Mixture
Coral Charm Peony
Coral Sunset Peony

Cosmic Struggle Reblooming Daylily
Cream-of-the-Crop Tulip Mixture Super Sak®
Curiosity Tulip
Curly Sue Tulip
Dangerous Liaison Iris
Dangerous Mood Bearded Iris
Dark Eyes Grape Hyacinth
Darwin Hybrid Tulip Mixture
Decadence Bearded Iris
Deejay Parrot Tulip
Deep Impact Reblooming Daylily
Del Piero Tulip
Deluxe Double Daffodil Collection
Deschutes Bearded Iris
Desdemona Daffodil
Diana Parks Peony
Dinner Plate Peony
Dinnerplate Daffodil
Discovery Dutch Iris
Doctor Witteveen Daffodil
Double Daffodil Mixture
Double Delight Reblooming Iris Collection
Double Flag Tulip
Double Fringed Tulip Mixture
Double Pardon Me Reblooming Daylily
Double Snowdrops
Double Suade Daffodil
Double Talk Reblooming Daylily
Dream Club Tulip
Dream Touch Tulip
Dreamer Tulip
Drumstick Allium
Dwarf Bearded Iris Collection
Dwarf Daffodil Mixture
Dwarf Iris Mixture
Early Magic Crown Imperial
Early Snow Glories
Early Snowdrops

Earlybird Cardinal™ Reblooming Daylily
Easter Candy Bearded Iris
Elainealope Reblooming Bearded Iris
Elegante Reblooming Daylily
Enchanted Evening™ Tulip Mixture
English Bluebells
English Charm Tall Bearded Reblooming Iris
English Wood Hyacinth Mixture
Enraptured Bearded Iris
Erin Lea Reblooming Daylily
Escape Tulip Super Sak®
Esperanto Tulip
Estella Rijnveld Tulip
Evocative Daylily
Excelsior Foxglove Mixture
Eye Candy™ Allium Mixture
Eyelash Tulip
Eyeliner Lily
Fair Maids of France
Fancy Frills Tulip
Feel the Thunder Bearded Iris
Felix Crousse Peony
Felix Supreme Peony
Festiva Maxima Peony
Fiery Club Tulip
Finishing School Bearded Iris
Fire Bride Bearded Iris
Flames Mystery Tulip
Flaming Club Tulip
Flaming Flag Tulip
Flaming Purissima Tulip
Flower Record Giant Dutch Crocus
Fooled Me Reblooming Daylily
Forelock Allium
Forever Blue Dwarf Reblooming Bearded Iris
Forever Susan Asiatic Lily
Fosteriana Tulip Mixture
Fragrant Peony Mix

Fragrant Returns Reblooming Daylily
Freedom Flame Tulip
French Blend Peony Mixture
French Perfume Hyacinth Mixture
Frimousse Bearded Iris
Fritillaria Persica
Fugitive Reblooming Daylily
Gardenia Peony
Gasping for Breath Reblooming Daylily
Gentle Shepherd Daylily
Giant Allium Mixture
Giant Crocus for Naturalizing
Giant Daffodils For Naturalizing
Giant Hyacinth Mixture
Giant Orange Sunrise Tulip
Gilt Edged Bond Bearded Iris
Goblet Daffodil
Goblin Gaillardia
Going Bananas Reblooming Daylily
Going Green Iris
Golden Bells Carpet Daffodil™
Golden Charm Tulip
Golden Parade Tulip
Gone Wild! Bearded Iris
Gosia Daffodil
Graceful Allium
Granat Astilbe
Great White Trillium
Grecian Windflowers
Green Dreams Fritillaria
Green with Envy™ Daffodil
Guinea-Hen Flower
Guinevere Jumbo Perennial Tulip
Hachi Lily
Hair Allium
Halley’s Comet Jumbo Perennial Tulip
Hardy Cyclamen
Hardy Fall Blooming Silver Leaf Cyclamen Mixture

Hardy Fern Mixture
Hardy Geranium Mixture Super Sak®
Harvest of Memories Reblooming Bearded Iris
Haunted Heart Bearded Iris
Hearts Delight Tulip
Henry’s Lily
Honey Gold Peony
Hosta Mixture Super Sak®
Hot Paprika Coreopsis
Hungry Eyes Reblooming Daylily
Hybridizers Daffodil Mixture
Ice Cream Banana Tulip
Ice Cream Tulip
Ice Follies Revue Daffodil Mixture
Immortality Reblooming White Bearded Iris
Impressionist Bearded Iris
Improved Rembrandt Tulip Mixture™
In Love Again Bearded Iris
Incandescent Daylily
Inwood Reblooming Daylily
Irene Copeland Daffodil
Jack Snipe Daffodil
Jan Bos Fragrant Giant Hyacinth
Jan van Leeuwen Peony
Jan van Nes Parrot Tulip
Je t’Aime Tulip
Jewel Hyacinth Collection
Joker Peony
Jolyene Nichole Daylily
Judy Judy Daylily
Kansas Peony
Kathy Chilton Bearded Iris
King of the Ages Reblooming Daylily
Kingsblood Tulip
Kissed by the Sun Bearded Iris
Kiwi Sunset Daffodil
Lake of Fire Daylily
Lava Dynasty Tulip

Lavender Astilbe
Lavender Mountain Lilies
Leslie Woodriff Lily Tree®
Let Evening Come Bearded Iris
Lifetime Peony Collection
Light and Dreamy Tulip
Lilac Wonder Tulip
Lily Tree® Mixture
Lilylands Melon Sorbet Daylily
Long-Stemmed Perennial Tulip Duet Super Sak®
Lord of Rings Reblooming Bearded Iris
Lovely Senorita Bearded Iris
Lumarco Bearded Iris
Lupines Mixture
Macbeth Reblooming Daylily
Mackinac Grand Peony
Magical Encounter Reblooming Bearded Iris
Making Magic Reblooming Daylily
Mango Passion Bearded Iris
Marianne Tulip
Marie Lemoine Peony
Marilyn Tulip
Mariposa Skies Tall Bearded Reblooming Iris
Marque Moon daylily
Mascotte Tulip
Maximillian Sunflower
Medici Prince Bearded Iris
Merna Karen Daylily
Mexican Fiesta Reblooming Daylily
Midnight Marvel Hibiscus
Midnight Treat Bearded Iris
Mighty Chestnut Daylily
Mirabile Cyclamen Mixture
Mixed Daffodil Super Sak®
Monet’s Garden™ Tulip Mixture
Monsieur Jules Elie Peony
Montmartre Bearded Iris
Moon Over Barrington Peony

Mother Earth Reblooming Bearded Iris
Mother’s Choice Peony
Mount Hood Daffodil
Nachtwacht Tulip
Nelly Tardivier Bearded Iris
Night Whispers Reblooming Daylily
Obsidian Iris
Ocean Spirit Daylily
Odalisque Tulip
Old Faithful Peony
Omomuki Daylily
Orange Emperor Tulip
Orange Glory Flower
Orange Glow Oriental Poppy
Orange Harvest Reblooming Bearded Iris
Orange Monarch Snow Crocus
Orange Planet Lily Tree®
Orange Smoothie Reblooming Daylily
Orange Tiger Lily
Original Poet’s Daffodil
Outer Space Reblooming Daylily
Outspoken Dwarf Bearded Iris
Ozark Rebounder Reblooming Bearded Iris
Pardon Me Reblooming Daylily
Parisian Dawn Iris
Parrot Tulip Mixture
Passion Play Tulip Mixture
Passionate Returns Reblooming Daylily
Patsy Cline Reblooming Daylily
Patty’s Plum Poppy
Pays Bas Tulip
Peach Jam Reblooming Bearded Iris
Peggy Sue Reblooming Tall Bearded Iris
Penny Lane Reblooming Bearded Iris
Peony Mixture Super Sak®
Peony-Flowering Tulip Collection
Peony-Flowering Tulip Mixture
Peppermint Stick Tulip

Perennial Tulip Mixture Super Sak®
Perfect Storm Hibiscus
Persian Blue™ Allium
Petalpalooza Bearded Iris
Petite Elegance Peony
Petra Croton
Petticoat Flounce Peony
Pink Attraction Reblooming Bearded Iris
Pink Buttercup
Pink Hawaiian Coral Peony
Pink Impression Tulip
Pipit Daffodil
Pistachio Daffodil
Pittsburg Tulip
Play with Fire Bearded Iris
Pointed Perfection Reblooming Daylily
Poppy Anemone Hollandia
Presby’s Crown Jewel Bearded Iris
Pretty Woman Lily Tree®
Prickly Sensation Reblooming Daylily
Pride of Ireland Bearded Iris
Pride Tulip Mixture
Princess Bride Peony
Princess Irene Parrot Tulip
Printal Daffodil
Pueblo Daffodil
Purple d’Oro Reblooming Daylily
Queen of Night Tulip
Queensland Tulip
Quitzin Peony
Rainbow Parrot Tulip
Ranunculus Mixture
Raspberry Eclipse Reblooming Daylily
Raspberry Suede Daylily
Raspberry Sundae Peony
Reblooming Bleeding Heart Mixture
Reblooming Tall Bearded Iris Mixture
Red Dynasty™ Tulip

Red Emperor Tulip
Red Hot Chili Reblooming Bearded Iris
Red Matador Jumbo Perennial Tulip
Red Riches Bearded Iris
Red Riding Hood Tulip
Remembering Grace Reblooming Daylily
Renowned Batik Iris Collection
Request Tulip
Riches & Fame Peony
Riot Daffodil
Rip Van Winkle Daffodil
Robert Swanson Lily Tree®
Rock Solid Reblooming Daylily
Rocket City Daylily
Rococo Parrot Tulip
Roselily Collection
Roselily Mixture
Rosemoor Gold Daffodil
Rosy Dream Allium
Royal Gathering Tulip Mixture
Rubenesque Bearded Iris
Saffron Fall Blooming Crocus
Sailorman Daffodil
Salmon Impression Tulip
Salmon van Eijk Tulip
Sarah Bernhardt Peony
Schubertii Allium
Secret Perfume Tulip
Shades of Pink Bearded Iris Mixture Super Sak®
She’s My Star Peony
Shirley Double Tulip
Shirley Temple Peony
Shogun Tulip
Shout from the Mountaintops Reblooming Daylily
Sicilian Honey Lily
Siloam Peony Display Daylily
Silverado Bearded Iris
Sink Into Your Eyes Reblooming Daylily

Slim Whitman Daffodil
Slipsliding Away Reblooming Daylily
Snake’s Head Iris
Snow Crocus Mixture
Snowball Daffodil
Social Graces Bearded Iris
Solange Peony
Solar Blast Daylily
Sorbet Peony
Sorbonne Bearded Iris
Spanish Bluebells
Spanish Pinkbells
Special Triumph Tulip Mixture
Spectrum Sweet Aroma™ Daffodil Mixture
Spitsbergen Tulip
Spring Beauty Double Hyacinth
Spring Cheer™ Daffodil
Spring Fling Butterfly Daffodil Mixture
Spring Spectrum Iris Collection
Spryng Break Tulip
Stainless Daffodil
Stairway to Heaven Tall Bearded Iris
Star of Holland
Star of the North Reblooming Daylily
Stargazer Lily
Starring Tall Bearded Iris
Stephanie Returns Reblooming Daylily
Storm Shelter Reblooming Daylily
Sun Gold Jumbo Perennial Tulip
Sunburst Splashes Reblooming Daylily
Sundowner Tulip
Sunset Crown Imperial
Swept Off My Feet Reblooming Bearded Iris
Technicolour™ Daffodil Mixture
Tête Bouclé Daffodil
Texas Flame Tulip
Thank Your Lucky Stars Reblooming Daylily
The Ice Princess Tulip

Three Months of Daffodils
Tiger Swirl Daylily
Top Hat Peony
Towering Perennial Tulip Mixture Tulip
Trembler Reblooming Daylily
Twice As Nice Reblooming Iris Collection
Twist of Sheree Bearded Iris
Valentino Bearded Iris
Valery Gergiev Tulip
Van Eijk Tulip Mixture
Variatie Red™ Tulip Mixture
Verdin Daffodil
Victoria Falls Reblooming Tall Bearded Iris
Victoria’s Secret Tulip
Vigilante Tall Bearded Iris
Vincent van Gogh Tulip
Vintage Charm Reblooming Bearded Iris
Violet Pranaa Tulip
Viridiflora Tulip Mixture
Volcanic Fireworks Reblooming Daylily
Voyager Reblooming Daylily
Vulcanello Daffodil
W.P. Milner Daffodil
Waylon Daffodil
When My Sweetheart Returns Reblooming Daylily
Whirling Rainbows Daylily
White Cap Peony
White Twinkle Lily
White Valley Tulip
Wild Blue Heart™ Tulip
Wildflower Tulip Collection
Wingman Bearded Iris
Winter Aconite
Wood Squill
Woodstock Fragrant Giant Hyacinth
World Friendship Tulip
World Premier Bearded Iris
Wow!® Deluxe Perennial Tulip Collection

Yellow Danceline Tulip
Yellow Trumpet Daffodil Super Sak®
You’ve Got Soul Reblooming Daylily
Zesting Lemons Bearded Iris