Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens
Outdoor Kitchens Idea


Summertime entertaining, grilling, and dining outdoors is something everyone enjoys.  But not everyone has the means to do so.  Many outdoor types either have an outdoor kitchen or dream to have one someday.  However, many times these same people do not know exactly what they want in an outdoor kitchen and need some ideas before having one built. 

Cooking outdoors in style is something everyone can have by simply transforming your backyard or patio into a unique outdoor kitchen oasis to be used for entertaining family, friends, and surrounded by nature. Cooking outside is a wonderful alternative to the daily routine of preparing meals in the home. The openness of the outdoor kitchens brings a refreshing feel to the family dinner table by adding a festive air to the mundane. Nowadays an outdoor kitchen means so much more than having a barbecue and a cooler of soda. Today, most modern outdoor kitchens still have the grill as the central fixture however, most have evolved into an extension of the family home’s living space.

Fact is, many people like to incorporate into their outdoor design the same conveniences they have inside the home, if not more. Custom outdoor kitchens nowadays can have wine chillers, under counter refrigerators, pizza ovens, wet bars, fireplaces, side burners, smokers, warming drawers and even roasting rotating spits.

Below are some awesome outdoor kitchen design ideas and some simple tips that will make your outdoor kitchen patios stylish and inviting. Enjoy!

Outdoor Kitchens Covered Seating
Simple Outdoor Seating Area

Did you know that not much space is needed to install an outdoor kitchen, the space just needs to be functional for cooking, entertaining, and relaxing? However, something to consider when planning your new outdoor kitchen is the proximity to the indoor one.  The more convenient you make your new kitchen to your indoor one, the less travel you will need for items such as seasonings, utensils, dinnerware, and food items. 

Another great feature to consider is to have a covered roof on the outdoor kitchen to extend the length of time you can use this new food preparation and serving area.

Outdoor Kitchen Design
Backdoor Covered Cooking Area


Function. As always, it’s important to think about what the primary function of this area will be. Are you a chef-in-training? Then focus on the kitchen appliances, materials and layout. Do you plan on throwing dinner parties? Will this be near a pool? Will it just be an area to lounge, eat and relax? Once you figure this out, you can choose your must-haves for each area and which portion of your outdoor kitchen you’ll want to focus on.

Outdoor Kitchen Functionality
Outdoor Kitchen Functionality

Location. Most outdoor kitchens are built near or close to the main house. This allows for the easy access of existing utility lines and makes it easy to transport food and other materials to the outdoor kitchen cooking area. If these issues aren’t of concern for you, be sure to take wind, sun, shade, and access to other amenities (such as a pool or a lawn) into consideration before choosing the perfect place.

Outdoor Kitchen Location
Outdoor Kitchen Location

Layout. You want to be able to move effortlessly from area to area — particularly when working with a potentially dangerous medium like a grill or pizza oven. Remember to take this into account when planning your outdoor kitchen layout — you don’t want to have to jump from place to place when cooking. This easy setup works perfectly: it’s simple, but everything you need is here.

Outdoor Kitchen Designs - Pizza Oven & Grill
Outdoor Pizza Oven & Grill

Cooking space. In terms of utility and durability, the appliances you have in your outdoor kitchen are going to be a very important investment. Selecting Quality is more important than Quantity here. Yes, it is fun to go crazy and have a rotisserie, warming drawer, and a pizza oven — but do you really need them all? Be sure to get what you’ll actually use, that it works well, and is made for the good outdoors.

Outdoor Kitchens Elegance
Outdoor Kitchens Elegance

Lighting. Outdoor kitchen lighting is just as important in your outdoor living space as it is inside the home. Ambiance is great of course, but safety should be the first priority when it comes to lighting around an outdoor kitchen area. Brighten the areas where cooking and other major entertaining activity will happen. All pathways should be well-lit, and lounge/dining areas should have adjustable lighting.

Outdoor Kitchen Lighting
Outdoor Kitchen Lighting

Entertainment and dining area. If you like entertaining and having family & friends over, odds are you’ll be using your outdoor kitchen for a lot more than just the occasional barbecue. The most important thing to remember when you’re planning your custom designed outdoor kitchen layout and deciding your must-haves, is to think about how you will be entertaining your family and friends. Take the time to consider all your options as outdoor kitchen is an investment and will be used for years to come. These outdoor kitchen ideas have pretty much everything: dining table, lounge area in front of the fire, a television and bar.

Entertaining Outdoor Kitchens
Ultimate Outdoor Kitchens.jpg
Entertaining Outdoor Kitchen
Entertaining Outdoor Kitchen
Entertaining Outdoor Kitchen
Entertaining Outdoor Kitchens
Google Search Landscape Pros
Landscape Pros Google Search

More Ideas: If you need more great ideas on outdoor kitchens space design, contact Landscape Pros in Manassas, VA.  Our expert designers have the answers you need on outdoor kitchens and can design and build yours with everything imaginable.  Call today 571-535-86222.



Pergolas – Create Your Oasis

Homeowners going distraught over DIY pergolas – 5 fave’s you can consider.

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Landscape Pros in Manassas, VA is a family owned full-service landscape design company with over 30 yrs experience in providing Northern Virginia and surrounding area with professional landscape design and landscaping services. We’re voted #1 and the Best in Landscape Design and Services. Therefore, we always strive to go the extra mile in delivering outstanding customer service and take pride having 100% customer satisfaction.

Look at these simple pergola ideas… homeowners who are DIY achievers GO for it!   If you are not, NO worries call the “Pros” Landscape Pros in Manassas, VA, to design and install your custom pergola that will not break the bank. We guarantee our work and pergolas aren’t as dubious as they look.

We’re Pros in Landscaping Design & Services

Pergola thoughts in Virginia are all over Instagram this mid-year and truly, we can’t get enough ourselves!  Landscape Pros believe it’s got something to do with the way we all are going through each day, consistently longing for being on vacation, some place warm, some place care free,  and some place ultimately under a beautiful pergola with a mixed drink close by.  We are experts in “Pergolas” and can make your dreams come true.

Our Apologies, as we got somewhat diverted there for a minute… Pergolas are something you can absolutely have in your backyard oasis and these favorite new looks demonstrate exactly how easy it is weather you DIY or have our skilled team at Landscape Pros do it for you!  We make dreams come true everyday for our valued customers and know that a couple of pieces of wood carefully designed and built can completely change your backyard looks with a beautiful new pergola.  Our professional builders will help you build that much-needed pergola structure in your backyard to give you shade, cover your hot tub, or simply define an outdoor space into something special for your family and friends.

Our advice is to not be distraught any longer this summer and make the decision to build your backyard oasis.  Pergolas come in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and sizes.  Here are a few ideas that Landscape Pros can install for you or DIY. 

  1. Make an Outside Eating Area – Simple Pergola
simple pergolas

Ooooh, look how adorable this orange air carpet and table are. They both work so well with a picture-perfect blue sky!  This simple pergola is an incredible backyard point of convergence to concentrate all your entertaining mingling enjoyment, add a picnic table underneath, string up some pixie lights, a chiminea and there you have the ideal outside feasting space.

2. Assemble a Couch Under the Pergola

pergola seating

Generally, pergolas do not have rooftops, yet you can add one without much effort or cost.  You can use galvanized metal roofing, plastic panels or copper roofing to create a dazzling impact and cover.  Spruce up your pergola further with delicate goods underneath and don’t stress over bringing everything inside during the lightest sprinkle starts.

3. Paint or Stain Your Pergola

colorful pergola

Odds are whether you purchase a full-fledged pergola or a DIY pergola, your unit it will normally be incomplete uncovered wood. The choice is yours; you can leave it bare as is, or better yet stain / paint it to suit your style and create a stunning rich look.  Here this pergola is painted dark to make it even more a dramatic element in this oasis.  We can likewise envision white would look extremely cool and include an exceptionally Mediterranean vibe.

4. Make an Open Air Front Room Under Your Pergola

open air pergola

Love the boho feel of this open air set up; the layers of surface and unbiased shading palette look pretty cool. This idea is an extremely simple way to reproduce yourself, spring up your pergola with colorful paint, and to make your open-air family room. Floor coverings, pads, pillow tosses and delicate lighting are vital to this unique look, so ensure you incorporate bounty.

5. GO for an Unobtrusive Look with Normal Materials

pergola rooftop

This cost-effective DIY pergola truly mixes into the relaxing area with a rooftop made with regular materials. Simply buy reed screening from DIY big box stores like Home Depot and secure them in the middle of the light emissions pergola structure.  Pretty Neat!

Backyard Ponds

backyard ponds
Small Backyard Pond

Backyard Ponds

Will Landscaped Ponds Ever Rule the World?  Of course not.

However, here is some information that is All You Need & Know to Construct the Ideal Landscaped Pond. For starters, you need to acquaint an alluring new measurement with your landscape area.  Simply include water. The specialists at Landscape Pros in Manassas, VA can help you with everything required and disclose the materials to make an attractive, flourishing sea-going focal point for your terrace or outdoor living spaces.

backyard ponds
Fish Pond

There is something about water moving that mitigates your spirit and provides a soothing calm environment. Backyard ponds are fairly easy to design and build. Once complete you can have a small slice of bliss.

Cheerfully, you need not bother with profound pockets or heaps of land to make the most of your own pond. You can design and completely prepare, arrange, a small fish-filled pond for around $500, given that you do your own digging.  Simply make a pond area like the one here that requires rubbery liners, amazing siphons, viable channels, and, other backyard ponds materials available to purchase online or at your local big box store e.g., Home Depot. In any case, when you are done, regardless of whether it’s tucked into an edge of the yard or close to a deck or porch, your backyard pond will give an unending wellspring of interest for the family and guests.

Fabricated near the house, this pond makes a reviving, tranquil setting simply out the secondary passage. The stone cascade makes a satisfying sound as it oxygenates the water. Use of small plants mollify the stone edges and give cover for fish spread out.

Anatomy of a Pond

backyard ponds
Backyard Ponds

A spotless, clean pond requires a couple of key components to keep water contained, new, and filtered.

anatomy of a pond
Anatomy of a Pond
Backyard Fish Pond
Backyard Fish Pond

Underlayment: Protects the liner from punctures and stretching during installation.

Liner: Prevents water from leaking into the ground.

Pump: Circulates water through the filter and up to the waterfall or fountain.

Filters: Cleans the water coming from the pump.

Water Agitator: Keeps water oxygenated. Waterfalls, Bubblers, Wellsprings, Cascades, and Fountains are for the most part good agitators.

Channel: Cleans the water originating from the siphon.

Siphon: Courses water through the channel and up to the cascade or wellspring.

Covered GFCI outlet: Feeds electrical power to the pond pump. Safety Trips automatically trip to prevent lethal shocks.

Pond Vitals

Landscape Pros - Stone Pond
Stone Pond

What does it cost?

Home Pond kits start around $70 for a straightforward 9-square-foot, 84-gallon pond. However, a run of the mill 176-square-footer pond costs can start at $5,000, while larger pond variant costs can easily surpass over $50,000.

DIY or Hire a Pro?

Ponds that are longer than 6 feet on a side and deeper than 18 inches require significant amounts of digging and use of heavy equipment.  This heavy work is best left to the Pros. Smaller ponds are good DIY projects, but let the Pros handle the plumbing and electrical work. 

In the Manassas, VA area contact Landscape Pros @ 571-535-8622 for advice and assistance with your pond project.  Landscape Pros is a family owned full-service landscape design company with over 30 yrs experience in providing Northern Virginia and surrounding area with professional landscape design and landscaping services. We’re voted #1 and the Best in Landscape Design and Services. We take pride in delivering outstanding customer service and having 100% customer satisfaction.

How long does a pond last?

It all depends on the liner used. The best ones have a 20-year warranty and 30 – 40 year life span.

How much maintenance cost?

The electricity to run a pump for a typical 176-square-foot pond costs about $260 a year. Smaller backyard ponds are much less usually.  Pond filters need frequent cleaning and recommended to be cleaned monthly. If you cannot keep up on the maintenance, hire a pond-maintenance company. Yearly maintenance of ponds costs an average of $2,000 for four regular servicing visits during each of the seasons. People pay $450 on the low end and over $5,000 on the high, but the price is heavily subjective and based on the size and complexity of the pond’s environment.

Pond Types:

Natural – Intended to mix in like an indispensable piece of the landscape scene, this sort of pond has freestyle edges that do not follow a straight or unsurprising course and joins stones and plants local to the pond location.

natural pond garden
Natural Pond Garden

Seminatural – Submitting general direction to the current hardscape around a home, this most popular type backyard ponds type has freestyle edges set close to brick blocks, cement, or stone patios and porch. The plants you select can be local or not.

semi-natural garden pond
Semi-Natural Pond

Formal – Characterized by geometric shapes, this style of pond is regularly edged in costly mortared stone or poured concrete. Ideal for a reflecting pool in a formal garden, likewise, makes a fine feature for your fish. Plantings are meager or nonexistent.

formal stone pond
Formal Stone Pond

Where to Put Backyard Ponds?

Pond Location
Pond Location

Backyard Ponds or Lagoon?

The location of a backyard pond determines its health and your ability to enjoy it.

How much sun?

Ideally, ponds should receive sunlight in the morning and shade in the afternoon. This keeps the water cooler, discouraging green algae blooms.

How far from the house should a pond be?

Ponds that are out of sight tend to get quickly neglected. Additionally, if they are farther than 20 feet from your patio or outdoor living space, you likely will not hear the peaceful cascade of a waterfall or fountain.

Does the yard have Overhanging trees?

A tree’s afternoon shade is welcome, but a pond that is directly under a tree’s branches will quickly clog with unwanted leaves, seeds, or pine needles unless given constant maintenance. If your landscape as a nearby tree that is young, factor in its mature size and spread before settling on the location of your backyard ponds.

What do the building codes say?

Ask your local building department about how far a pond must be set back from the home property line.

Where are my utility lines?

In Virginia Dial 811 before any digging to have your utility lines marked. This is a free service by the utility company, and it is Virginia law to be done to avoid damaging underground utilities.  Striking a single utility line can cause personal injury, costly repairs, fines and inconvenient outages.

Pond Materials:

pond liner
EDPM Pond Liner

Liner – Utilize these calculations to determine how much material you will need for the pond.  (all measurements in feet)

In simple terms, your pond liner size is always “double your depth added to your dimensions plus a safety overlap”.

liner size calculation
Liner Size Calculation

Manufactured elastic – The most ideal decision for most ponds, 45-mil-thick EPDM comes in sheets up to 50 by 200 feet. Solid, UV safe, and adaptable to – 40 degrees F. Costs approx. 67 cents per sq. ft.

Plastic – Liners made of polyethylene (PE) and strengthened polypropylene (RPP) are more slender, lighter, and more affordable than EPDM yet stiffer and harder to work with. Costs for 20-mil PE liners, are about 30 cents for each sq. ft., and 36-mil RPP, approx. 45 cents per every sq. ft.

Pond Pumps:

Select the right size pump for your backyard ponds.  At minimum, the gallons every hour (GPH) rating should match the volume of your pond. The pump will require extra GPH to properly supply a cascade waterfall or fountain, and enough “head” to push water to the top of the waterfall or fountain. Search for the right pump for the pond with the lowest wattage, which will cost the least to run.

Backyard Ponds
Pond Pumps

Pond Filters:

Pond Filters
Pond Filters

Pond filters help keep water free of debris so that the pump will not clog. Other filter types remove chemicals that can harm fish. To sustain fish in your backyard ponds, you will need both types or a product that has both filters in one package.


Mechanical filters trap debris before it reaches the pump. It’s best to clean filters weekly in spring and fall, every other week in summer, and monthly in winter. A filter in a waterfall or a surface skimmer is easier to reach than one on a pump placed at the bottom of pond.  Costs vary on filters and range from $60—$800. 


Biological filters are a must for ponds with fish. Bacteria living on a porous filter medium will digest toxic nitrites and ammonia that is harmful to fish. You should wait at least 72 hours or more before putting fish in your new pond. By taking these actions, the water temperature and chemistry can level out. Note: Drastic changes in your backyard ponds can have a serious impact on the health of your fish.  Filter costs vary and can range from $140 — $500 depending on what your pond needs.

Pond Equipment:

Water Agitators

Water Agitators
Water Agitators

Your pond will become a stagnant and an algae-filled eyesore if you don’t keep the water moving and properly aerated. Here are three ways to agitate the pond:

Water Fountain

Water shooting up from the surface of the pond or flowing from a man-made ornament is visually compelling and nice to listen to in your outdoor spaces. Fountains come in a variety of sizes and shapes and require the right pump to function at full capacity.

pond fountain
Pond Fountain


To create the tranquil waterfall you want, measure its width in inches at the point water spills out. Multiply by 50 if you want a trickle of water, by 100 for a sheet of water, and by 200 for Niagara Falls type action. The result is how many GPH your pump will need for the falls alone and does not factor in the pond requirements.

backyard ponds
Pond Waterfall


Bubbler air pumps are separate devices from a pond pump and produces bubbles that subtly ripple the pond’s surface.

pond bubbler
Pond Bubbler

DIY Pond Kits

backyard ponds
Koolatron Pond Kit – 84 Gallon

Most online retailers bundle the backyard ponds essentials. Or you can buy a prepackaged kit from a home center that includes a rigid plastic tub, flexible tubing, and a properly sized pump. These kits are small and manageable enough to install in a weekend, but they don’t include the biological filter you need for fish. Though you could add such a filter, they’re really intended to be low-maintenance water features for people who want the pleasant sound of trickling water near a deck or patio, not a full-fledged ecosystem.

Shown: Koolatron 84-Gallon pond kit, About $75 at Home Depot

Landscape Pros in Manassas, VA hopes this information helps you in designing and in the installation of your new backyard ponds. If you want the “Pros” to do the heavy work for you… give us a call @ 571-535-8622 for advice and assistance with your pond project.

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Rental Property Landscaping

Rental Property Landscaping
Rental Property Landscaping

Rental Property Landscaping – Dos and Don’ts

Landlords have a lot of tasks on a daily basis. The only way to cope with this high demand for time and energy is by effective prioritization. With all the incoming emergency repair requests and late payment issues, it’s not a surprise that little to no attention is paid to landscaping.

Even though it may be hard to prioritize rental property landscaping, focusing more on the property’s exterior is a great idea, advises Alltrade Management. Your tenants value the exterior look of the rental unit as much as the interior design within the walls.

In this article, we’ll go over the main dos and don’ts of rental property landscaping. After finishing this piece, you’ll know where and how to put in the effort for landscaping improvements.

YES: Planting local plant varieties

Rental Property Landscaping
Plant local plant varieties

Plant local flowers, bushes, and trees. The upfront cost of regional plants is lower, and you’ll cut on the expenses related to fertilization and irrigation. Your ecological footprint is going to be much smaller compared to growing exotic greenery.

NO: Creating a niche landscaping design

Don’t forget that your property mainly serves your tenants. It’s not your private home. When picking appropriate landscaping design solutions, consider average tastes and preferences. Eclectic and bold choices in the rental property’s yard could easily increase the vacancy rate.

YES: Choosing perennials

Planting Perennials

Planting perennials around your rental property is a great option. You are able to find many perennials that will survive hot summers and even drought. Also, having these resilient flowers bloom in the yard boosts the curb appeal and increases tenant satisfaction.

NO: Letting the lawn get overgrown

Do you have time for only one landscaping duty? Regularly mowing the lawn should be your top priority in this case. Compared to many other landscaping practices, mowing the lawn is much easier but offers significant returns. Unkempt lawns decrease perceived property value and damage aesthetic beauty.

YES: Regular weeding

Weeding is a tedious task. But it’s necessary because, without proper weeding, the unwelcome grasses quickly take over the yard. Weeds are not only unsightly. These growths could take away the nutrients that your real plants need while damaging the mortar in brickwork as well.

NO: Disregarding spacing needs

Allow plenty of space between the trees and your rental property’s foundation. As the trees grow, the roots could put the foundation’s integrity into jeopardy. Plant large trees at least 30 feet away from the house. The safe distance for smaller trees is a minimum of 10 feet.

YES: Utilizing balance and proportion

Utilizing balance and proportion
Plant balancing and proportion

Spread flowers, shrubs, and trees in different sizes evenly across your yard. A noticeable height variety can create an interesting and stimulating landscape. Similarly, you can have plants of various colors that balance and offset each other’s shades.

NO: Wasting water

Install a smart sprinkler system to curb the wasting of water resources in your rental property. You can set the appropriate watering times together with a conservative limit on the water output.

YES: Securing proper drainage

Poor landscaping practices contribute to drainage issues. Don’t add too many retaining walls, big stones, and landscaping timbers. All of these landscaping items can block drainage. Also, conduct regular landscaping maintenance to resolve drainage issues before they have serious consequences.

NO: Forgetting the hardscape

Hardscape Options

Hardscape elements belong to every successful landscaping project. You can add plenty of color and texture to the yard by using hardscape design solutions. But keep in mind that each element needs to be there for a reason. Random allocation of hardscape items will look substandard and decrease the rental property’s value.

In a nutshell: Rental Property Landscaping Dos and Don’ts

Landscaping is a crucial part of keeping your rental property competitive. As a landlord, you have a lot of daily demands. Landscaping may not be your top priority but try to still find some time every month to maintain the yard.

Here are the top dos and don’ts of rental property landscaping:

  • Install a smart sprinkler system to stop water wastage.
  • Don’t use niche landscaping design that has limited appeal.
  • Have local plant varieties in the yard for sustainable landscaping.
  • Don’t let the lawn get overgrown and turn unattractive.
  • Make sure to have plenty of space between your trees and buildings.
  • Don’t neglect your hardscape.
  • Use the principles of balance and proportion to create a captivating design.

Landscape Designs

Landscape Designs Recipe: 10 Ideas To Kick-start Your New Outdoor Environment

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An outdoor living space can be easily transformed into a backyard entertainment oasis with a little hard work. Adding amenities to your landscape design like swimming pools, outdoor kitchens, firepits, small gardens, and outdoor living spaces with a dining area will bring the homeowner lots of outdoor enjoyment. Whether you live in a city, suburban or a rural setting, there are several ways you can increase your outdoor enjoyment and entertaining opportunities with family and friends.

By creating more indoor features such as kitchens or a spa outdoors will make your backyard more popular than ever. When you Invest in your home’s outdoor living environment you expand the living space of your home, but also allow the “inside to go out. Creating outdoor living appeal will also increase one’s sense of personal calm and allow you and your family to enjoy your home outdoors year-round. If you do not know where to start, No problem…call Landscape Pros in Manassas, VA.   

Are you looking to kick-start your outdoor environment? If so, here are some ideas to help get you started on your new landscape designs.

1. Outdoor kitchens. Looking to bring the indoors out? There is no better way to do that, than with a new custom outdoor kitchen. Building an outdoor kitchen will create an instant hub for your outdoor entertaining with family and friends.

Outdoor Kitchen
Outdoor Kitchen

2. Outdoor firepits. Firepits can either be made using brick, natural stone or simply a fire bowl. Outdoor firepits remain popular because they can be enjoyed year-round.

landscape design
Outdoor Firepit

3. Outdoor living spaces. Think of your backyard as an outdoor living room by making the space feel as comfortable as possible, infusing everything from outdoor sofas to chairs you can create a custom outdoor living space.

outdoor living spaces
Outdoor Living Spaces

4. Outdoor dining. There is something that is quite appealing as it relates to dining outdoors.  With a creative design you can set up a dining area that is separate from your outdoor living space. Your options are many e.g., include rectangular or round tables in addition to more modern seating design to create a unique dining experience outdoors.

outdoor dining
Outdoor Dining

5. Small Gardens. Design a small garden that will add to the overall appeal to your outdoor space, a herb garden with vegetables can bring lots of interest and color to your landscape.

6. Sun protection. Trellises to covered patios and umbrellas can play an important role in a new landscape designs.  Better yet, add a new Pergola to the home or outdoor structure to provide a sitting area that will allow for a breeze and light sun, but also offer protection from the harsh glare of direct sunlight. Pergolas also can give your climbing plants a structure on which to grow and are great conversation structures for your landscape designs..

custom pergolas
Custom Pergolas

7. Pools, spas, and saunas. While material prices can vary relating to their cost and maintenance, adding a pool, spa or sauna to the home will be extremely popular outdoor entertainment space for years to come. 

outdoor pool landscaping idea
Outdoor Pool

8. Pool and tree houses. Are not just for child’s play, these outdoor living spaces can be used for both entertaining and lounging enjoyment.

Outdoor Tree House
Outdoor Tree House

9. Outdoor children’s entertainment. Great outdoor entertainment areas should not just be for the adults but the entire family. Easy additions to your landscape designs like basketball hoops, trampolines, and swing sets for the kids there are simple ways to keep every member of the household happy and entertained.

outdoor trampoline
Outdoor Trampoline

10. Outdoor fabrics. If you are looking to incorporate colors to your new outdoor living spaces, make selections that are weather protected when selecting upholstered seating and outdoor dining fabrics that will withstand the outdoor elements and add to their longevity.

Outdoor Seating Fabrics
Outdoor Seating Fabrics

Landscape Pros hopes these landscape designs ideas are what you may have in mind for your backyard.  We are proud to provide landscaping services throughout Northern Virginia and Prince William county and can answer all your landscaping questions. Give a call at (571) 535-8622.

Reference the map below to check to see if your residential, commercial, or governmental property is within our service areas and contact us today to schedule a consultation.                          

Our servicing areas continue to grow year-after-year and we are available to service you seven (7) days a week.

Check out our complete list of communities where we provide landscaping services below. If you find that your town or municipality is no listed, “No Worries” we may still provide services in your area. We’re the Experts in Everything Landscaping and Landscape Designs.

Services Areas:

Alexandria, VALorton, VA
Arlington, VAManassas, VA
Annandale, VAManassas Park, VA
Bristow, VAMcLean, VA
Centreville, VAMt. Vernon, VA
Chantilly, VAOakton, VA
Clifton, VAReston, VA
Fairfax, VASpringfield, VA
Fairfax Station, VASterling, VA
Falls Church, VATysons Corner, VA
Fort Hunt, VAVienna, VA
Gainesville, VAWashington, DC
Herndon, VAWoodbridge, VA
Service Areas

#1 Landscaping Companies Near Manassas

Landscaping Companies Near Manassas

Landscape Pros in Manassas, VA is a family owned full-service landscape design company with over 30 yrs experience in providing Northern Virginia and surrounding area with professional landscape design and landscaping services.

We value every customer that we interface with daily and really find it funny that we get asked the following questions almost every day when in the field, weather on a new job site, or just in the general public:

Landscaping Companies Near Manassas

Best Landscaping Companies – Manassas, VA
Top #1 Best Manassas, VA Landscaping Company 
The Best Landscaping Companies in Manassas, VA 20109
The Best Local Favorite Landscaping In Manassas, VA
Landscape Contractors Near Me
Best Landscaping Contractors Near You
Best Landscape Contractors Near You
The #1 Best Landscaping Companies Near Me
Landscaping Near Me
Reasonable Landscaping Companies Near Me
List of Landscapers Near Me
Patio and Landscaping Companies Near Me
Residential Landscaping Near Me
Small Job Landscapers Near Me
Landscaping Companies Near Me 
Licensed Landscape Contractors Near Me

Isn’t that funny? What’s even more funny is that our answer to all these questions asked is always the same.

Who are the Best Landscaping Companies Near Manassas, VA? Answer: Landscape Pros.

We’re Voted #1 and the Best in Landscape Design and Landscaping Services in Manassas. We take pride in delivering outstanding customer service and having 100% customer satisfaction.

We work hard to make sure that we provide you with a landscape design and installation that meets your needs while staying within your budget. For more information… Contact Landscape Pros today @ 571.535.8622 to set up an appointment and learn about our professional landscaping services.

Take back your time, let the ‘Pros” take care of your landscape & yard maintenance. You can trust our team to do the job right every time.
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We pride ourselves in providing the best landscaping services, at the very best price.

Landscaping Companies Near Manassas

Dazzling Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Designing and developing backyard landscaping ideas can be hard for some and seem like a big project for many.  However, coming up with great backyard landscaping designs doesn’t have to overwhelm you.  Are you looking for ways to give your backyard a new makeover? NO problem… Whether you are looking for simple backyard landscaping ideas, backyard landscaping ideas on a budget, or a completely new overhaul of your backyard design, Landscape Pros in Manassas, VA can assist you every step of the way.  Check out some of these creative backyard landscaping ideas. 

4 Backyard Ideas

Creative Backyard landscaping ideas can be as easy as adding stone pavers. You can easily turn a garden walkway path into a series of small patios by using large selections of flagstone pavers and separating them along the way with lush stripes of thick green turf.  This backyard landscaping idea, allows the paved stone pieces to have two functions: 1) They serve as a beautiful and stable garden walkway, and 2) they are large enough to handle outdoor seating areas when the family hosts a large backyard party.  Pretty Neat Idea!  For other ideas call Landscape Pros @ 571.535.8622.

Backyard landscaping ideas
Flagstone Pavers

Landscape Water Features

Does your backyard have a drainage problem that causes water runoff and erosion?  Here is a backyard landscaping idea, you can capitalize on the problem by turn the trouble area into a unique new water feature.  For this situation, the homeowners had struggled with a low, wet damp spot in the backyard for years until they decided to excavate the area and transform the drainage problem into a landscaping water feature and new focal point for the yard. This new landscape idea turned a frustrating mess into tranquil sounds of running water where the homeowners can now relax instead of worrying that their backyard is going to wash away in the next rainstorm. 

Landscape Water Features
Garden Stream

Breathtaking Grand Entrance

First impressions count. That is why it is always important to pay special attention to your home’s backyard’s entryway.  Nothing can ruin the backyard view faster than having a rusty broken gate or worse a muddy entrance pathway.  But don’t worry…these type problems can be resolved with a few backyard landscaping ideas like shown here.  In this gorgeous new garden area, use of an oversize rose-encrusted arbor and installing a new stone patio creates an elegant and welcoming doorway when entertaining your family and friends in the new backyard.

Breathtaking Grand Entrance
Breathtaking Entrance

Cozy Backyard Corners

Try this new backyard landscaping idea and get up close and personal with your flower border by tucking in a small sitting area amid the flower beds.  Look how this new cozy corner was created with use of an angled trellis and a pair of pillow-packed Adirondack chairs to lounge in on a summer day.  Creative use of a tall trellis in this yard does a good job of hiding an unsightly utility pole in the far corner of the backyard.

Cozy Backyard Corners
Cozy Corners

Breathtaking Landscaping Art

Landscaping Art – Trees, Shrubs, Stone, & Colorful Flowers make the Perfect Canvas

Landscaping Art
Landscaping Art

Landscape Pros in Manassas, VA is a full service landscaping company that will work with you to design the perfect outdoor living space—We’re the Pros in Landscapes and can design and deliver everything from a simple landscape solution to a complete extensive landscape design makeover. With over 30 years experience in creating Landscaping Art, our valued customers return year after year to the “Pros” seeking the best advise on how to spruce up their landscape canvas.


Flowering Bush
Flowering Bush – Crape Myrtles

Serving Northern Virginia and surrounding area over 30 years, Landscape Pros has established an outstanding reputation for providing stunning landscape designs and expert craftsmanship that include combining the perfect mix of trees, flowering shrubs, bushes, colorful plants and use of the highest-quality of brick and natural stone. We are “Pros” in performing Landscape design and installations to all our clients throughout Northern Virginia, Fairfax, Prince William, and Loudoun County.  Save Time, Aggravation, & Money by leaving the landscaping art design to our entire team of designers and craftsmen who will provide you with the landscaped yard your neighbors will envy for years to come..

Landscape Installation

Landscape Installation
Landscape Installation

Whether your home needs new colorful plantings, a simple walkway, patio or custom driveway, we are a full service landscaping company that will work with you to design the perfect outdoor space—we’ve done them all, everything from the simplest solution to a large complex extensive landscape makeover.

Landscape Design

Landscape Design
Landscape Design

Landscape Pros promises that you will be happy with your landscape design investment. That is why, we take the time to discuss the design process with you to ensure we deliver 100% customer service. Getting the right landscape design is an important aspect of every new project…So, contact the “Pros” and let’s get started on your new landscape!


landscape maintenance
Landscape Maintenance

Almost everything will decrease in value if it is not properly maintained – but a landscape that is properly cared for will increase in value and appeal year after year. Investing good money on a new landscape design and installation in early Spring is a bad idea if you do not properly maintain it and allow it to be overwhelmed by weeds come early summer?  Based on these facts, to ensure that you can enjoy your new landscape throughout the year hire the “Pros” to properly care for it with our annual maintenance program.  Note: The best 5 star hotels and PGA golf courses around the World are kept so beautiful, by spending the time to properly maintain their landscapes and flower gardens every day, week, and month throughout the year.

Contact Us today to learn how we can help you transform your yard into a beautiful landscape. 

Landscape Pros
Manassas, VA 20109

Water Features

Water Features
Water Features

Designing the right water feature takes proper planning and design to successfully transform your yard, landscape, and outdoor living space.  When done right… It is safe to say that you will be spending more time to relax by your custom pond and immersing yourself in the tranquility of your new water feature.  Landscape Pros is at your service to design, build and install any new water features you desire.

Take some time to relax by the koi pond, waterfall, and water fountain designed and installed by Landscape Pros.  We are proud of our work and customer service and will guarantee you will be immersing yourself in the tranquility of your new water feature oasis. Enjoy viewing a few water feature design ideas below.

Creating Beautiful Landscapes

Creating Beautiful Landscapes In Manassas, Northern Virginia & Prince William Since 2017.

Creating Beautiful Landscapes
Beautiful Landscapes

Based in Manassas, VA, Landscape Pros has established an outstanding reputation for providing our clients with prompt, reliable, and professional service in landscape design, installation, and landscaping maintenance. Our skilled team will reinvent your yard with a new creative landscape, hardscape for your favorite plantings, custom patios, breathtaking walkways, natural stone steps, beautiful retaining walls and tranquil water features including fountains, waterfalls, and ponds.  Creating Beautiful Landscapes is our business. Additionally, Landscape Pros can help you in keeping your lawn and landscape beautiful year-round with our Landscaping Maintenance Program.


Flagstone Hardscapes

Let Landscape Pros make your backyard into an Oasis! Installing a paver or stone patio is an excellent way to enjoy the summer months and increase your outdoor living spaces. Based in Manassas, VA, Landscape Pros has built an outstanding reputation for outstanding service providing our clients throughout Northern Virginia, Prince William and the surrounding area with transformed landscapes with installation of shrubs, trees, bushes, colorful plants and use of the highest quality of brick and stone materials that completely transform your living spaces in the yard. We have over 30 years-experience in Hardscape installations in Northern Virginia area and have an entire team of designers and craftsmen to provide you with the yard and landscape of your dreams.


Your backyard can be an oasis! A paver or stone patio is an excellent way to enjoy the summer months and increase your outdoor living space. Natural Stone Patio designs play an integral role in creating beautiful landscapes.

Stone Patio

Adding a new patio in your backyard will not only transform that old space, but it will also change the way you spend your free time at home when the weather permits. Having a well-designed patio hardscape, you’ll gain another living area that’s integral with your outdoor living space, and it will add a great deal of utility or fun to your outside activities. Whether you need a place to put the barbecue grill, a space to help keep the mud off your dog’s paws, or an area that combines your outdoor grill, multiple sitting areas, and retaining walls – installing a new patio design can tie everything together in your outdoor space.

Kitchens, Fire Pits & Fireplaces

Fire up the grill baby!  Make any cookout a hit with the installation of a custom outdoor kitchen, fire pit or a natural stone outdoor fireplace!

Outdoor Kitchens Manassas, Fairfax VA, McLean, Falls Church VA
Outdoor Kitchen
Stone Firepit

Outdoor kitchens, fireplace, and firepits will add a great deal to your landscape and outdoor living spaces. Increase the use of your patio and backyard by installing an outdoor grill or even a pre-built Unilock fireplace. These backyard features will extend not only the hours, but the months you can enjoy with family and friends when making these investments! Whether you live in Fairfax, VA, Great Falls, Ashburn, or Manassas our experienced team at Landscape Pros can help you design your new outdoor kitchen area, fire pit, and pavilion fireplace. 


Not only are concrete paver driveways beautiful, but did you know that they will last more than 5 times longer than an asphalt driveway?  Installing a concrete paver driveway is not as expensive as you might think – especially factoring in per square foot costs. By installing top quality pavers they can be installed right out to the road and the “set-up” costs for concrete pavers are very low, and since they are relatively wide as compared to a walkway, use of machinery can be used to properly install and saves on the costs of installation & labor.

paver driveway
Paver Driveway

Retaining Walls

Whether your wall is around all your flower garden or is helping manage your landscape hillside, Landscape Pros can construct the perfect wall system and get the job done quickly and within budget.

stone retaining wall
Stone Retaining Wall

Do you need new sitting wall in Manassas, or a retaining wall in Loudoun; No worries we have design and built a lot of them over the past 30 years. Facts are that sometimes a stone wall will need to be strong and “structural” – meaning it really needs to hold something up or other times it will be used as a sitting wall or “knee wall” on the patio.

Selecting the best materials when building any wall is always an important thing to do.  The below gallery provides a variety of stacked stone walls using different types of natural stone, and other retaining walls materials that use pre-cast concrete blocks in their construction. Most often however, the choice of sitting wall materials comes down to personal preference, while with a structural retaining wall, will limit the types of concrete block that can be used for the job. Retaining Walls are not rocket science but, call the “Pros” in building Retaining Walls at 571.535.8622.  Landscape Pros, we’ve been building walls for over 30 years!


Making a great first impression on your guests visiting your home will be the subject of conversation when you install a beautiful new walkway. Landscape Pros will design and install your walkway using the best materials in concrete pavers, flagstones, or brick, to deliver a natural stone walkway that will lead to your front door to welcome visitors for years to come. There are many options and types of walkway’s you can select from but building them, is hard work and it’s recommended to leave that work for the “Pros” to design and install – Contact Landscape Pros… we’re the professionals on walkways and creating beautiful landscapes.

Stone Walkways
Stone Walkways

Stairs & Steps

stone stairs
Stone Stairs

Landscape Pros can help you design and build the new look you want for your front porch with custom natural stone steps and stone veneers. Does your landscape have slope issues?  No problem, we can make any slope grade easier to climb with custom stairs designed for beauty and safety in mind. Here are a few ideas for consideration before beginning your stone stairs and step project.

Landscape Design

Landscape Design

landscape design
Landscape Design

Well maintained landscaped areas have a great impact on your property and adds value to your home. When landscapes are design and installed properly, you will be more inclined to use them and can confidently invite your family and friends over to entertain them more often and enjoy being together in your outdoor living space. 

However, it is important to point out that not everyone can design a picture-perfect landscape.  Beautiful landscaped areas need great plans and require proper installation and ongoing maintenance after completion.  These important facts are why you need to hire the professional services of a landscape designer for the job to ensure your landscape design is done right.

Landscape Pros in Manassas, VA has over 30 years’ experience in delivering professional Landscape Design services to customers in Northern Virginia.  We are proud to provide full-service landscape design and landscaping services in the following areas: 

BurkeCentrevilleChantillyCliftonFalls Church
FairfaxFairfax StationGreat FallsHaymarketManassas
Manassas ParkMcLeanOaktonRestonVienna
Prince WilliamAlexandriaArlingtonLoudounMany more
Landscape Pros Service Areas

Landscape Architect

Landscape Architect
Landscape Architect

Landscape architects will help you plan for the landscaped outdoor spaces you desire on your property in methodical and detailed manner. Skilled architects provide consultation services in detail on all your plans before starting your project. The designs they provide will be based on your requirements, personal preferences and within the budget you have outlined for the project. These detailed plans will help ensure that you can enjoy your new landscaped areas in an optimal way and will provide you great returns on the investment.

Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping Ideas
Landscaping Ideas

When planning to get your new landscape idea installed, you are sure to have lots of ideas about how you want these spaces to look after completion. However, most of us are not an expert landscape designer and will need someone with experience to help form our ideas. In these cases, this is where you should seek professional landscaper services. Call Landscape Pros, we are available to discuss all your landscaping ideas and will provide the detailed plans that match your requirements and then install your new landscape as planned.

Landscape Designer

Landscape Designer
Landscape Designer

Many homeowners will hire the services of a landscape designer when they are getting the outdoor living areas of their home installed. It is important to get an experienced architect to help design your new area so that you can use them in a more optimal manner after the project is completed. Experienced landscape designers will ensure that all the areas will be demarcated, identify the suitable weather-resistant materials to be used in the work and help in ensuring that your project is aesthetically appealing.

Garden Design

Garden Design
Garden Design

A beautiful garden is one of the first things that any visitor to your property sees. Gardens also form the backdrop around your home’s structure, and you want them always to look attractive. Take the time to consult a garden design company that will help provide you detailed garden plans after first understand what your preferences are. The design elements they suggest and can install for you will be in line with your requirements and ensure that your garden will complement the appearance of your home. Call Landscape Pros in Manassas, VA to get your landscape garden designed and installed by an experienced expert landscape designer that will ensure all the outdoor spaces around your home are functional and always attractive.

Patio Design

Patio Design
Patio Design

Your patio is one spot in your yard that can add to increase the outdoor living area around the home.  Many homeowners like to add outdoor kitchen installations to this living space. However, since the patio is exposed to the elements outside, it is important to ensure that your patio design is well thought-out and that all the project materials are chosen with care. So, when in doubt, the best way to ensure that your patio design is more functional and that you can use it optimally is to have it designed by the professionals.  Call Landscape Pros, we are experts in patio designs.

Hardscape Design

Hardscape Design
Hardscape Design

Hardscape design is the implementation of using stone and structure in the design of a landscape. There are many hardscape designs and options that can help your property look stunningly beautiful. Every property landscape is unique. To be successful in creating a unique hardscape it all starts with a thoughtful landscape design. As a landscaping company in Manassas, VA, we have been designing and creating hardscapes in outdoor spaces over 30 years that are both beautiful, but also fully functional for homeowners. 

We can resolve drainage issues and install any hardscape feature that is customized to your preferences.  We use top quality materials and can install interlocking brick pavers, flagstone, granite, and other natural stonework both residentially and commercially.  Landscape Pros in Manassas, VA specializes in natural stone hardscaping projects, and unique planting areas for year-round beauty.

Here are a few hardscape additions we can add to your property:

  • Natural Stone Retaining Walls & Seating Walls
  • Pavers
  • Custom Stonework
  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Walkways, Steps, and Entry Ways
  • Flower Gardens
  • Planting Beds
  • Custom Outdoor Lighting
  • Fire Pits & Fireplaces
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Pergolas & Pavilions
  • Aquatic Water Features including Fountains, Ponds, Waterfalls, and More

Water Features Design

Water Features Design
Water Features Design

Landscape Pros has years of experience in creating custom water feature designs that transform your living spaces into something extraordinary by using nature’s most dynamic element — water.

Our design team always collaborates with our customers to create unique and stunning water and features. Whether it is a gentle water wall, serene reflecting pool, water fountain, or a cascading waterfall, we can create an alluring water feature to compliment any landscape design.  Our installations are engineered with exacting standards, using the highest quality of materials, and are built to stand the test of time.

Outdoor Living Space Design

Outdoor Living Space Design
Outdoor Living Space Design

There is no better way to reinvent your home and enrich your life than by installing an outdoor living space design in your home’s backyard. Allow our design and installation team at Landscape Pros in Manassas, VA to design your new outdoor living space in your backyard with a beautiful sunroom, screened porch, or customized outdoor kitchen oasis. We specialize in creating outdoor living designs and installation and enjoy helping Northern Virginia homeowners create one-of-a-kind outdoor living spaces and landscape designs. Need design ideas try browsing online.

No Outdoor Living Space project is too Big or Small.  Landscape Pros is the company to call. We are happy to help you design and build your outdoor living space of your dreams.  Call today @ 571.535.8622 or contact us online.

landscape design
Beautiful Landscape Designs